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Dancer is my favorite. She's just everything


Dancer, the queen of high class (; Glad you like her! You and our team member Jackie would get along well because she's got a thing for Dancer, too, haha, thank you for the comment!

I'm sitting here and I already know...

My heart is about to be destroyed yet again by an otome game. I'm ready to do a couple of cartwheels.

This comment is so simple but it makes my heart do cartwheels, thank you!

The characters are absolutely GORGEOUS and wonderfully created! Comet is my favorite; I'm a huge sucker for men like him in otome games... anyways, this demo was incredible! The storyline is interesting and paced just right, and I love how you can interact with every one of the characters instead of choosing one romance path right from the beginning... the CGs are also stunning.  I'm heading over to fill out the demo survey <3 <3

This game is golden, and I really can't wait until the full release; do you guys have an approximate idea on when it will be? Beautiful work so far!

I'm guilty for falling for the same character trope as Comet as well, men like him get me going haha! Anyway, thank you thank you thank you, we're so glad the full demo didn't disappoint! As for the expected release date of the full game, I want to say the ideal would be Christmas 2017 but who knows what life will bring. We'll see and we'll definitely keep you posted (:

very cute! submitted the full demo survey (i played the teaser and submitted responses for that one too) i hope to see the full game soon; it looks nice. my personal favorite reindeer are rudolph, cupid, and dancer. i just want to give rudolph a hug!!! a sweet cinnamon bun. :) 

Thank you for the feedback! And I completely agree, Rudolph is the biggest ball of fluff in the whole world 😂

omg!! i want moooooooore!! like i stated before i love it!! I want to know more!! thank you!! i want to play it  completely!!

Thank you so much again!! We're so happy you enjoyed it :D


IT'S OKAY, CAPS SHOW EXCITEMENT AND ENERGY SO I DON'T MIND THEM HAHA, thank you so much for the feedback!!! We're so happy with all of the positive reviews so far, and I hope we don't disappoint once the full demo is out (;

Thank you for the teaser. This is so beautiful. I love all of the characters. The art is really well done and Donder is so CUTE!!!!!

Thank you so much! We appreciate the feedback and glad you enjoyed it :D And I agree, Donder is a cute one ;)

Hello! How long is it? :)

Hi there! The teaser shouldn't take too long, 30 minutes max. :)

this was honestly very enjoyable so far!! it was a blast to play through--and can i just say the art was SO pleasing to my eyes?? i don't know, but there's something about the characters designs and backgrounds that made me feel very relaxed and soothed, haha! xD. i'm in love with the characters a lot, and so do a few friends i played this with. they're practically all my favorites, but i'm mostly really into rudolph and blitzen, they're such pumpkins!! i'll definitely be following how this progresses! thank you so so much for the pleasant teaser! <3

Thank you so much!! Props to Zino, King-sama, and Sasquatchii for all the wonderful art assets they provided xD Honestly, if it weren't for them and the writing team - Ashe and Jackie - this project would be nothing. We're so glad the characters are being received well, too! That was our main concern, I think, is if we had given each of the characters their own individual personality that works well with the story. Again, thank you for the support and we're glad that you enjoyed it!

omg omg omg omg!! i love it!! i want more!! this is an interesting concept!! cant wait for the full release!! thank you for this teaser!!

xD Your enthusiasm is so contagious, haha! Thank you so much, we're sooo happy that you enjoyed it!!

yay you replied!! i enjoyed to much the game ... lol

pretty damn cool so far!!! XD 'donder' looks like malix (from seduce me) he even acts a tiny bit like him XD XD

Thank you so much, we're really glad that you enjoyed it! We hope the rest of the demo will be just as cool xD Now that you mention it, I have to agree! Donder is like the long-lost offspring of Malix in a whole other alternate universe, haha, good eye!

XD everytime he spoke, my otaku side constantly screamed REINDEER MALIX!!! REINDEER MALIX! OH MAH GOD!!!!

also, Rudolf kinda reminds me of matthew X3

yes i thought that too! otome sensores all the way!! lol!

and thinking about it, comet? (the grumpy-gus in the tan jacket) reminds me of a grumpy James XD

yes yes!!!

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ALSO, please tell me that Donder's voice acting will sound somewhat similar to Malix

X3 X3 please XD

OH!!! I wanted to ask if there's an ETA on when it'll be released

You'll have to wait and see! ;) I will say that Donder's voice is one of my absolute favorites, so I hope you like it as much as I do ^^

As far as the ETA on the whole demo, we're aiming for the end of May release! IF, and only IF, we get those darn art assets done in time, haha

ooh!!! I'm so excited!!!!! X3 X3 X3