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MC, an intelligent college girl intent on becoming a climatologist, travels to the North Pole as an intern with her moms — Karen (an oceanographer) and Tracy (a biogeochemist). One day, after deciding to take a small break from analyzing data, MC goes outside just as soon as a blizzard hits. No way to see where she's going, she ends up getting lost and slipping on ice, injuring her head. Luckily, she's saved and looked after by none other than... Santa's reindeer?!


-Free to play
-9 romanceable characters
-18 endings


Story & Writing: Mama J, gamerbum, pigionsdeliver, Laera-chan
Character Sprites: Zino
Backgrounds: King-sama, GlassHeart
Logo & GUI Design: sasquatchii
Programming: gamerbum
Voice Director: MaddyKinz
Music: free assets by Alcaknight

Here's the full demo survey that we would like for you to fill out if you have the time, thank you and enjoy!


An_Otaku's_Guide_to_Santa's_Reindeer-1.0-win.zip 156 MB
An_Otaku's_Guide_to_Santa's_Reindeer-1.0-pc.zip 169 MB
An_Otaku's_Guide_to_Santa's_Reindeer-1.0-mac.zip 154 MB
An_Otaku's_Guide_to_Santa's_Reindeer-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 158 MB

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what a horrifying death


What a shame.. such a good concept and left us with nothing..

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Ikr. I remember playing the demo and eagerly waiting...But they probably couldn't help whatever happened.

yeah. feels bad man


damn this it seem like it died too. This is so sad for so much hype it got...

sooooooo... when is it coming?? no news for a long time...


sadly...when a VN goes dark like this, it almost always means it's been abandoned...

Oh man what a shame..


yeah...... but go check out Tailor Tales, Celianna is REALLY GOOD about keeping her fans up to date with progress (especially if you join the discord) plus it's a FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL GAME

Of course! I have played the available routes already! Its awesome!

have you played TT plus?

Yes!!! It's here~

Where?! I can still only download the demo


pardon?  there has been no update on anything since april of 2018

Oh, I'm sorry... I just played it and just found it was just a demo. And... You're right.. :(

I should have played the game before I commented though. Sorry to bother you...


nonono, you never bothered me in the slightest! it's nothing more than a big shame that aogtsr seems to have died


welp...so much for a 2018 christmas release...


;-; they could at least tell us the release date, they did state that if they were to not release it in Christmas they would give us info about the release


yes, exactly! I've been waiting 2 YEARS  for this


OOF I've only been waiting a year... sigh, well hopefully it gets released (at least)early  2019

Deleted 1 year ago

i just hate that they're ghosting us.

 ON A MORE POSITIVE NOTE. there is a WONDERFUL otome game in development (2 routes completed) called tailor tales, being developed by Celianna, she is FANTASTIC about keeping fans in-the-know about her progress, she even has a discord! (link = https://discord.gg/Hh5RGA3)


oooh thank you, I've been looking for more romance VNs site I've already read so many >.< I will definitely check it out <3

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I can't wait for the full version of the game, this is so cute and I absolutely love Rudolf

Hi, I just discovered about this game to-be-released (hopefully, as I understand you are facing some team problems), while looking for reindeer character inspiration for my amigurumis. Therefore, I am wondering if you would agree for me to try designing some dolls based on your characters. I plan to sell their pattern on Etsy, if I get satisfactory results. Good luck with finishing the project (in time)! my blog: https://papillonenpapier.blogspot.com/

I can't wait for the full version. I believe it'll be a great Christmas gift!

I agree completely!

I loved the demo sooooo much! This is such a unique story and I was pleasantly suprised with how deep and multifacted the characters and story were. I was shook (lol) with Rudolphs situation ,and Vixen's feelings of insecurity towards the mc .  I was not expecting such an outburst from sweet little ditzy Vixen. I'm also really digging Donder, Dasher, and Dancer's aesthetics.  I seriously can't wait for the full game. 

^///^ Ahh~ Many thank yous for the comment Rosette! We have a really awesome team and everyone is doing their best to get this game done ASAP.  

think we could have a (very general) eta? like... such-n-such date, give or take a month.

Please see our FAQ for the eta. If you wish to track AOGTSR development then we also suggest reading the monthly updates either on here on AOGTSR devlogs or on our Tumblr

lol, for some odd reason, I had in my head that it was planned for Christmas 2017, not 2018.  lool, my bad! looks like I have something to look forward to this Christmas, (fingers crossed x3)

add portuguese translation please!!!

We would love to but we don't have a Portuguese translator at the moment. If anyone wishes to help with translating AOGTSR into Portuguese then send us an email. Obrigado

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for your suggestion but it's a bit late in the development to change the designs ^_^; We hope you can love our characters as they are since our Artist put a lot of effort into creating them. That was a super cute image though, thanks for sharing and we can't wait to show you all the work we've been doing on their routes.

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lol, woulda been cute to see reindeer malix with a tail XD




Hey! played the demo and filled out the survey, but I just wanted to say you should add the LGBT tag to this game, it'll help more people find it! (I didn't even know it existed until today)

Thank you for your suggestion. Sadly, we are limited to ten tags but we removed one to place the LGBT tag in. Thanks for the feedback.  It is very helpful. Please help us spread the word about AOGTSR and be sure to share it on your preferred social media sites so no reindeer gets left behind or forgotten. Please and thank you <3

I've completed the demo and the survey, but still, I needed to comment here and tell you just how much I adore this game! It's such a unique concept for an otome game, and it's the first time I see reindeer as romance options! And I love them so much! I've been a huge fan of the poem about Santa's reindeer for years, and I really love the lore about them, the changes in their names, how Rudolph was added more than a century later but became the most famous of them all and all that stuff. Seeing an otome game about them is so surreal and fantastic at the same time!

Donder is my favorite from the bunch in the game, but Prancer, Dasher and Rudolph are not so far behind. I'm also very intrigued by Vixen.

I can't wait for the full version now, but the demo has a nice amount of content, so I'm not frustrated wich is always nice. Though I have a question - does the demo cover the entire common route (the cliff hanger does seem like a route selection), or is there more to it?

Also, your current event about submitting possible quotes for the characters is very nice, and I'd love to participate, but as you surely have noticed by now, my wording is a bit weird sometimes since English isn't my language, so if I submit something, it'll probably have to be corrected to some extent. Is that still okay?

Anyway, I had a great time with the demo, so THANK YOU!

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And we are so glad you did~ We can't respond to the survey results but we can respond to comments. I think a lot of people have warm memories of growing up with stories about Santa and his reindeer and it's about time there's more love for one of our favourite holidays.  We  try to make games that are not the norm and it seems like we're doing something right with AOGTSR. 

Donder is proving to be a new favourite among everyone. I am sure he'd be overwhelmed if he ever knew how many fans he had. Dasher's route is turning out to be super cute btw. Rudolph will always be everyone's favourite reindeer but I bet he is happy to finally share the lime light and have everyone fall in love with all the other reindeer. 

A. Yes the demo is the full common route. After that section you will be on character routes, and boy are there a lot of them. 

A. We will be editing the entries from the fan event for grammar and tweaking it a little to fit seamlessly into  situations. 

ANYDEER, we had a lovely time reading your message. It has made us super happy and pumped to do our best. THANK YOU.

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when is the full version going to be out ?!!!   

it's a really good game and I'm really excited for the full version

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THANKS! Our aim is to get the game out Christmas 18. It's hard to say exactly but that's the plan. 

We get this question a lot so we will probably make a FAQ soon.

lol,  so excited! I can't wait to see more reindeer Malix!

thanks for the reply and I hope you have a wonderful day and everyone else who's involved with the game,

I hope it goes well with the game good luck 

Best Christmas gift!

Y u cliff hanger like that

'Cause nothing says Christmas like a cliffhanger!

yes lol

I look forward to the full game coming out :3 !

Hopefully we don't disappoint! Thank you!

This was simply amazing!! How long till the actual game comes out?

Thank you! The estimate date for the full game to be out ideally is Christmas 2018.

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This vn is trully promising : well-built relationship among the reindeers with various characteristics, the rational MC , the chibi slides, and great graphics! 

Btw, I wonder if player could choose the reindeer freely, or the choices will determined which reindeer player could pursue or eve affect all progress in that LI's route...? Anyway, it's the most waited vn in my list x3

Thank you so much for the feedback! The game will choose your route for you according to your choices. (: We're so happy to hear how excited  you are for the full game!

Just finished the demo, and finished up the survey -- I poured a lot of praise in the survey response, but I'm going to reiterate how much I ADORE this game! It's so funny, and enjoyable, and gorgeous to look at, and I love every part of it. I'm so, so excited for the full release.  That cliffhanger was unfair!

I adore all the characters, especially the MC (her narration had me cracking up so many times), and I can't wait to see her interactions with the reindeer in the future. But I also really want her to be able to tell her moms she's ok. (Speaking of her moms: I love them too, it's such a silly thing to say, but seeing those two made me tear up. Thanks for giving her two amazing mothers <3).

Good luck with the development! I can't wait to see more!


Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! We really appreciate the feedback we've been getting and we're glad you enjoyed playing the demo. The cliffhanger was unfair but totally necessary (; We've fallen in love with every single one of the characters and it's inspiring to see the impact they've made with the players! We're excited to show you guys what else we have in store (: Thanks again for the glowing critique!


How dare you leave us on a cliffhanger!!!! >:(

...Welp, that aside, I love this. It has that cozy atmosphere that I don't see in a lot of VNs. Also, Rudolph is my cinnamon roll and I will throw eggs to whoever's mean to him.

The cliffhanger made you wanting more, didn't it? So mission accomplished (;

And I agree, Rudolph needs to protected at all costs. Alot of those eggs are going to be aimed at Comet, then, haha. Glad you liked the demo!!

Dancer is my favorite. She's just everything


Dancer, the queen of high class (; Glad you like her! You and our team member Jackie would get along well because she's got a thing for Dancer, too, haha, thank you for the comment!

I'm sitting here and I already know...

My heart is about to be destroyed yet again by an otome game. I'm ready to do a couple of cartwheels.

This comment is so simple but it makes my heart do cartwheels, thank you!

The characters are absolutely GORGEOUS and wonderfully created! Comet is my favorite; I'm a huge sucker for men like him in otome games... anyways, this demo was incredible! The storyline is interesting and paced just right, and I love how you can interact with every one of the characters instead of choosing one romance path right from the beginning... the CGs are also stunning.  I'm heading over to fill out the demo survey <3 <3

This game is golden, and I really can't wait until the full release; do you guys have an approximate idea on when it will be? Beautiful work so far!

I'm guilty for falling for the same character trope as Comet as well, men like him get me going haha! Anyway, thank you thank you thank you, we're so glad the full demo didn't disappoint! As for the expected release date of the full game, I want to say the ideal would be Christmas 2017 but who knows what life will bring. We'll see and we'll definitely keep you posted (:

very cute! submitted the full demo survey (i played the teaser and submitted responses for that one too) i hope to see the full game soon; it looks nice. my personal favorite reindeer are rudolph, cupid, and dancer. i just want to give rudolph a hug!!! a sweet cinnamon bun. :) 

Thank you for the feedback! And I completely agree, Rudolph is the biggest ball of fluff in the whole world 😂

omg!! i want moooooooore!! like i stated before i love it!! I want to know more!! thank you!! i want to play it  completely!!

Thank you so much again!! We're so happy you enjoyed it :D


IT'S OKAY, CAPS SHOW EXCITEMENT AND ENERGY SO I DON'T MIND THEM HAHA, thank you so much for the feedback!!! We're so happy with all of the positive reviews so far, and I hope we don't disappoint once the full demo is out (;

Thank you for the teaser. This is so beautiful. I love all of the characters. The art is really well done and Donder is so CUTE!!!!!

Thank you so much! We appreciate the feedback and glad you enjoyed it :D And I agree, Donder is a cute one ;)

Hello! How long is it? :)

Hi there! The teaser shouldn't take too long, 30 minutes max. :)

this was honestly very enjoyable so far!! it was a blast to play through--and can i just say the art was SO pleasing to my eyes?? i don't know, but there's something about the characters designs and backgrounds that made me feel very relaxed and soothed, haha! xD. i'm in love with the characters a lot, and so do a few friends i played this with. they're practically all my favorites, but i'm mostly really into rudolph and blitzen, they're such pumpkins!! i'll definitely be following how this progresses! thank you so so much for the pleasant teaser! <3

Thank you so much!! Props to Zino, King-sama, and Sasquatchii for all the wonderful art assets they provided xD Honestly, if it weren't for them and the writing team - Ashe and Jackie - this project would be nothing. We're so glad the characters are being received well, too! That was our main concern, I think, is if we had given each of the characters their own individual personality that works well with the story. Again, thank you for the support and we're glad that you enjoyed it!

omg omg omg omg!! i love it!! i want more!! this is an interesting concept!! cant wait for the full release!! thank you for this teaser!!

xD Your enthusiasm is so contagious, haha! Thank you so much, we're sooo happy that you enjoyed it!!

yay you replied!! i enjoyed to much the game ... lol

pretty damn cool so far!!! XD 'donder' looks like malix (from seduce me) he even acts a tiny bit like him XD XD

Thank you so much, we're really glad that you enjoyed it! We hope the rest of the demo will be just as cool xD Now that you mention it, I have to agree! Donder is like the long-lost offspring of Malix in a whole other alternate universe, haha, good eye!

XD everytime he spoke, my otaku side constantly screamed REINDEER MALIX!!! REINDEER MALIX! OH MAH GOD!!!!

also, Rudolf kinda reminds me of matthew X3

yes i thought that too! otome sensores all the way!! lol!

and thinking about it, comet? (the grumpy-gus in the tan jacket) reminds me of a grumpy James XD

yes yes!!!

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ALSO, please tell me that Donder's voice acting will sound somewhat similar to Malix

X3 X3 please XD

OH!!! I wanted to ask if there's an ETA on when it'll be released

You'll have to wait and see! ;) I will say that Donder's voice is one of my absolute favorites, so I hope you like it as much as I do ^^

As far as the ETA on the whole demo, we're aiming for the end of May release! IF, and only IF, we get those darn art assets done in time, haha

ooh!!! I'm so excited!!!!! X3 X3 X3