A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android


MC is betrothed to her parents' colleagues' son, Ethan Jackson. Both have been promised to each other since birth, and have agreed to the conditions in order to uphold family honor and reputation. Neither have ever seen each other in person but they know of the other. The wedding date was meant to be when the children turned 25 but had to be rushed a few years earlier because of the parents' business issues and the accident -- the accident that left her blind. Ever since that day, she has learned braille and become close friends with a pen pal, one who was also willing to learn braille in order to understand MC. Will her and Ethan's marriage turn out to be "for better or worse?" Or does she love the one stranger that she has only communicated with through paper?


  • Two endings
  • Changeable MC name
  • Custom GUI
  • Original Soundtrack
  • CG Art Gallery
  • ~7,500 words

The demo covers the prologue and chapter 1 of the story.


Writers: Laera-chan, Mama J
Sprite Artist
: Juliastorybored
CG Artist
: Silveth
Logo/GUI Artist
: Valhalla
Background Artist
: Iceramyst
: Nathan A. Ford

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
PublisherMoonlight Avenue, Inc.
Release date Jul 22, 2016
AuthorsAnomalis, Laera-chan
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsOtome, renpy, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour


For_Better_or_Worse-1.0-all.zip 160 MB
For_Better_or_Worse-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 137 MB
For_Better_or_Worse-1.0-mac.zip 140 MB
For_Better_or_Worse-1.0-win.zip 141 MB


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Dear Anomalis!

I just found this VN and absolutely loved the DEMO. Was sad to read afterwards in the comments that it is on hiatus (don't know for sure what it means, but assume a kind of break?).

Do you know by now if it will continue? 
I really hope so!!

Lots of love from a new fan from the Netherlands,

I played the demo a long time and I liked it a lot , so I was wondering If the game is on hiatus? will  the full version be available  soon? 

We are glad you enjoyed the game and apologise for the late reply. Currently this project is on indefinite hiatus. Thank you for your interest and should we ever revive this project we will be sure to announce it. 

I really loved the demo as well, not nearly enough games about arranged marriages or blindness. It was really entertaining, and I loved the art as well. It's a shame that it's on indefinite hiatus, that hurts. I'm still so curious to see if Ethan is her pen pal, not sure why I have that inkling but now I'll probably never know. :( Anyway, great job, and thank you for this!