AOGTSR Update #10

General Update

❄ Art - This is starting to feel like the cursed update. So, long story short is the CG artist is currently having technical difficulties and is requesting some assistance with CG coloring. If you are available to get your colour on then our emails are open for CG colorists applications

This art update isn’t all doom and gloom since we have previews to show you. We just got an additional expression for Donder. A lot of you really loved that he had a heart of gold beneath all that flirting so we had to get an expression to match this. You will have to wait until Christmas to unwrap this expression. We aren’t going to leave you completely empty-handed and have a preview of a CG. Can you guess what route this belongs to? 


❄ Route Scripts - Sadly we have lost a writer. It happens especially during finals and the winter blues and what not. Thankfully we have been in contact with some new applicants so we should be able to keep the ball rolling and hit our writing deadlines. However, if you are a writer and would like to commit to writing for AOGTSR then our emails are open to writer applications once again.


❄ Music - Look out for a sample of the main theme on our Tumblr. 



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Hi there! Nice to see things are going on, albeit slowly! I hope things will get sorted out quickly!

If you haven't found yet, I may be able to color, but before going through sending emails with examples and all, I'd rather ask here - how much would the coloring style need to look like the one you already have, and would it be for sprites, backgrounds or CGs and so on? I can tweak my style only to some extent, so I need to know beforehand haha

As do we~

In regards to your questions, we would be looking for a pretty decent match to the colouring style. The cg artist said they would share all the needed info about their brushes and detail how they colour so you won't have to figure it out for yourself or anything like that.  It would just be for CGs. Sprites are fine since they are a smaller doc and don't cause the artists computer to crash. 

But hey if you want to try your hand at making BGs then we still have that position open. [nudge nudge]