AOGTSR Update #9

General Update 

❄ Fan Event - Due to a lack of interest, we have closed our fan event “Whose Reindeer is it anyway?” and will not be running it. Thank you for those who did submit and hopefully, we will do better at our next fan event. 

❄ New Soundtrack - We have chosen a composer and already have four demos tracks and they sound positively magical. We hope to show you snippets of these once they have been finalised. Having more emotional variety in the soundtrack was a common suggestion in the survey so we hope you will all be excited about this new development. 

❄ Route Scripts - A lot of progress has been made with scripts and we are on route to meeting our project milestones. Sadly, one of our writers has a very severe injury that requires them to take it easy and Dancer’s route might experience some delays. 

❄ Elf Sprites - Finally, the elfs are all done coloured and ready. So, presenting (left to right) Gingersnap, Elderflower and Boogie. Please note all elves will be standing on boxes and are smaller than they appear XD

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I'm so excited! Next Christmas is certain to be the best one yet, thanks for all the work you guys do


Aah, it's nice to have an update! This is the game I'm currently waiting for the most, both free and commercial games wise - I'm so excited about it, even if it won't be out until next Christmas.

Good luck with it, and my best wishes to Dancer's poor writer - I hope they'll get better soon!