Future of Anomalis

After careful deliberation, the remaining core members of Anomalis have decided to disband after the completion of ‘An Otaku’s Guide to Santa’s Reindeer’.

The reason for this decision is due to the persistent absence of Anomalis’ Founder and CEO. This has left the group in a state of ambiguous leadership and doesn’t allow current members the power necessary to continue making VNs under Anomalis’ name. In their absence, we have maintained consistent production of projects due to the three remaining core members stepping up and managing the Anomalis so you shouldn't experience any changes to the way manage. We have managed to maintain consistent production of projects since their absence due to the three remaining core members stepping in and dedicating themselves to seeing projects completed as promised. 

Detailed below is how this decision will affect our projects. 

What does this mean for Signed and Sealed with a Kiss?

As of today, Signed and Sealed With a Kiss will be developed entirely by @reineworks, who originally funded the idea. There is a full breakdown of the implications of this change on our Indiegogo page Here

What does this mean for An Otaku’s Guide to Santa’s Reindeer?

In good faith, we will continue the production of AOGTSR and release it as planned under Anomalis. This decision will not affect the production of the game. After its release, Anomalis will officially disband. 

What does that mean for your other projects?

This is in regarding ‘For Better or Worse’ and ‘Beauty and the Brothers’ as well as two officially unannounced projects ‘Lovelie Deception’ and ‘Holiday Lovers’. These projects will be canceled and will not be put into full production. 

Where possible the assets for these will be placed in Creative Commons as to not waste their potential or the artists' efforts. 

Final Comments

This news might at first seem disheartening and shocking but, as we are finding out, the solutions and ultimate result of this decision have paved a way for multiple possibilities for the current team to work together in another capacity and potentially under another name. 

Ultimately, there are a lot more pros than cons to this decision and we hope to prove it once we put all these solutions into motion. 

In conclusion, 

For An Otaku’s Guide to Santa’s Reindeer updates and news continue to follow Anomalis[Tumblr]. For Updates and news on Signed and Sealed with a Kiss follow reineworks [Tumblr][Twitter

Thank you for your support and patience.

Jackie, Ashe, & Maddy


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awww, well, damn..... that sucks for you guys. but I am super relieved to know AOGTSR won't be discontinued like so many otomes I'd gotten so excited for.

Thanks for the update and notice about this! I hope all goes well for everyone and for any future projects that may not even be thought of yet.


Thank you for your well wishes. We will be sure to keep you updated should anything exciting happen! 

Aw, that's very sad news, but understandable considering the circumstances. Still, I'm sorry to hear that.

By the way, considering the issues, I'll ask it here, but have you recieved the e-mail I've sent you a while ago? With all the issues you're facing, you may have not. Just in case - I'm the person who, a while ago, offered to maybe try out for the colorist position you needed for AOGSR. Becaue of a ton of problem in real life I kinda went silent after asking you a few questions, but I'm definitely free to try out - it could at least make it a bit easier to you.

Yes, it isn't the position we would've liked to be in but it is the one we find ourselves and we aim to make the best of it and go out with a BANG. 

As for your application, very sorry for the delay. We have sent a reply now. Thank you. 

Yeah, I can understand. At least I'm sure the game will be awesome!

And going to check it! Don't worry about you taking your time - I was just worried it didn't reach you because of the problems you had