Will the player choose the reindeer freely, or will the choices determine which reindeer the player can pursue?

The game will choose your route for you according to your choices. We’ve added a little extra twist to the process but it will be completely choice based.

Do you guys have an approximate release date?

The estimate date for the full game to be out ideally is Christmas 2018. [fingers crossed] We will keep you up to date if anything should alter this as can sometimes be the case when the unexpected happens.

Where’s the voice acting?


AHHH, why’d you leave it on a cliffhanger?

The cliffhanger was unfair but totally necessary. It made you want more, didn't it? So mission accomplished!  

Will we see MC’s moms again?

We’re not about to spoil the surprises we have in store. So you’ll just have to wait and see.

Is my heart going to be destroyed yet again by an otome game?

If we’re doing it right then yes, yes it will.

Is this a Christmas game?

It’s a play-it-anytime-you-want-some-fluffy-Christmas-angst game… I mean cheer!

How can I support this game?

SPREAD THE WORD - tell your grandma, goldfish, mailman & lamp. Reblog it on your tumblr, retweet it on your twitter send it to your best friend using a very festive stamp.

I mean take my money?

Well if you insist hohohoho~ We’re just joking. We are making this a free game so what is helpful to us is making sure it reaches as many people as possible. We are still recruiting some roles so if you have a talent that you could contribute to making AOGTSR even better then email us at  anomalis.games@gmail.com . [Writers & BG artists are a top priority]

We have commercial games like SSWK so supporting that helps keep Anomalis doing what we love - spreading English otome one weird concept at a time.

If you want to keep up to date on all of Anomalis games remember to follow us on social media.

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Your sense of humor is incredible! Soooo excited for the full release of this game. It's become a ritual to check on updates at least every two weeks.


OHOHOHOHOHO~ Anomalis is a funny bunch [in both sense of the word].  We mostly update using our tumblr but since we  <3<3<3 you all so so so much we will be sure to make a habit of keeping updates on here too.

We're looking into things we can do to make the wait a little less "ARGH, RELEASE THE REINDEER ALREADY!!!" and pass the time with more fan interaction and stuff and stuff and stuff.  So be on the look out for that~

im in love with this game.. this is weird but in a good way!! damn does reindeers and their sexy antlers!

Antlers are the new cat ears! You can quote us on that~

And thank you for all your enthusiasm. It really motivates us to work even harder to create the best game we can! 

Sure i will give the support i can!